Highlighted Speaker BiosBoard of Trustees: Steve Veres, President (Seat No. 3), Tina Park, First Vice President (Seat No. 2), Nancy Pearlman, Second Vice President (Seat No. 6), Kelly Candaele (Seat No. 4), Mona Field (Seat No. 1), Miguel Santiago (Seat No. 7), Scott J. Svonkin (Seat No. 5), Daniel Campos, Student Trustee
This workshop will highlight legislations on Green Building Technology and showcase LACCD, USGBC, and Arts, Earth Partnership Green Projects. Hear about the past and future Green-Tech Sector.

Do you have a Green / Sustainable business? Find out what other industry leaders and organizations are doing to save the environment, as well as money, by incorporating Sustainable Business practices.
Moderator: Dr. Patricia Ramos USC Ed Network

Josh Stempel
Toshiba America, Digital Products Division, Corporate Social Responsibility
Josh Stempel manages Corporate Social Responsibility for Toshiba America Information Systemís Digital Products Division. Before joining Toshiba, Josh served as the managing editor and cofounder of GreenMyParents Ė a book and social media platform where young people engineered sustainability projects in their home and negotiated with mom and dad for a share of the savings. As a sustainability strategy and marketing consultant, he enabled major non-profits like World Wildlife Fund and Al Goreís Life Earth to partner with corporations, such as Esurance, SmartCar, Pepsi, Philips and AEG to create meaningful and engaging cause campaigns. Josh Stempel has a BA from Brown University and an MBA from USCís Marshall School of Business.

Tim DeMoss

Port of Los Angeles, Clean Trucks Program Manager
Tim DeMoss manages the landmark Clean Truck Program for the Port of Los Angeles (POLA). He oversees technical, environmental, administrative, and enforcement aspects of the Portís CTP. This includes management of the Portís ďconcessionĒ program involving 1,000 licensed motor carriers, which collectively deploy approximately 11,000 heavy-duty Class 8 drayage trucks to move cargo into and out of the Portís marine terminals. Tim has been a Port of Los Angeles employee for six years, and has managed the Portís CTP for the last three years. Over the course of his 22-year career as an environmental engineer or specialist, Tim has worked in multi-disciplinary environmental mitigation efforts involving hazardous waste, solid waste / recycling, water quality, and air quality.

He has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Loyola Marymount University, M.S. Environmental Science, Loyola Marymount University.

Cole Hershkowitz

Chai Energy, Founder
Cole Hershkowitz graduated from Caltech where he lead the Solar Decathlon Computing Innovation Team in developing novel ways to interact with a sustainably-built and solar-powered home. Among several innovations, the team developed technology that would allow you to point at lights to turn them on or off.

Cole is now a Founder of Chai energy, where he is using widespread data, complex algorithms, and fluid interfaces to empower homeowners with a simple understanding of their energy-use and lifestyle.

Ka Suen

Chai Energy, Co-Founder/CTO
Ka Suen graduated from Caltech with a BS in physics in 2012. He has always been interested in data mining and using the insights from large data sets in real world applications - not something you always get in physics. As Co-Founder and CTO of Chai Energy, he has been able to fully realize his passions. The insights from data mining are directly used by homeowners to help them not only understand their energy use but to also help them become more energy efficient.
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