Highlighted Speaker BiosBoard of Trustees: Steve Veres, President (Seat No. 3), Tina Park, First Vice President (Seat No. 2), Nancy Pearlman, Second Vice President (Seat No. 6), Kelly Candaele (Seat No. 4), Mona Field (Seat No. 1), Miguel Santiago (Seat No. 7), Scott J. Svonkin (Seat No. 5), Daniel Campos, Student Trustee
The Future of Work - A student-produced multimedia performance about the changing nature of living and working in 21st Century Los Angeles, and what it will mean to their generation.
Moderator: Dr. Chito Cajayon USC Ed Network

Mike Bonifer

GamerChangers, CEO
Mike Bonifer has spent his career changing the game by introducing and expressing brilliant new ideas to the marketplace: as the publicist on the groundbreaking motion picture Tron and author of the book, The Art of Tron; as a founding producer for The Disney Channel; as a pioneer and popularizer of electronic and digital media (Disney; Pixar; Smithsonian; et al); as the Chief Storyteller for the Live Earth concerts for the environment in 2007; and today, as the co-founder (with Dr. Virginia Kuhn) and CEO of GameChangers, which brings techniques from improvisation theater to the theater of business. He is the author of GameChangers - Improvisation for Business in the Networked World.

With GameChangers, Bonifer and a global network of skilled pracitioners have designed an improvisation-based system to help clients share their stories more effectively, conceive strategies as collaborations with customers, and generate positive outcomes from unforeseen circumstances. He speaks about subjects ranging from Agile Development to Quantum Storytelling to How The Bonifers Turned Their Family Farm Into a Theme Park. He's an earnest beginner on the guitar, and occasionally performs improv at IOWest Theater in Los Angeles. Serendipity is his specialty.

Antonio Rodriguez

A writer/educator from New York City, who joined GameChangers for "the opportunity to explore quantum narratives," Antonio was a founding member of the Brooklyn Theatre Company. His plays have been staged in such historic New York theaters such as the Ensemble Studio Theatre and Dixon Place. He has developed and conducted art/leadership programs for many of New York City's most troubled schools, and has for many years worked for the Posse Foundation, which has awarded over 3,000 four-year college scholarships to at-risk high school students with heroic potential. Antonio's unique understanding of street theater, storytelling, learning technologies, and networked economies give him the ability to create learning opportunities and insights for our clients that they cannot get from anyone else.
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