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A glimpse into the future on upcoming technological trends and how they will impact and effect business and industry.
Moderator: Dr. Chito Cajayon USC Ed Network

Bryan Liles
Thunderbolt Labs, Executive Vice
Bryan is well known in the technology development community for having coined the "TATFT" process for test-driven development for software. He leads development teams on complex projects, is a prolific teacher, and has probably spoken at more conferences than you've attended. You can follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/bryanl and on GitHub at https://github.com/bryanl

Sam Stokes
Microsoft, Academic Developer
Sam Stokes has been doing software since he was 16, which was a very long time ago. During the 80s, he was on the design team for the Global Positioning Satellite vehicle and MD-11 automatic flight control system, (the MD-11 was an airliner built by McDonnell-Douglas). During the 90s Sam worked with building enterprise apps using software that barely worked for networks that functioned randomly. In the 2000s, Sam worked at Microsoft as a Technology Evangelist.

Sam is currently involved in Windows App designs and can put together a certifiable app quicker than most folks (except for the infamous Peli).

Finally, he thinks that software is too complex for 99.99% of the population, and this includes app developer. His passion is to bring software to the masses so that all may benefit from coolness of app building!
Peli DeHalleux
Microsoft, Developer
Johnathan "Peli" de Halleux is a developer in the TouchDevelop team at Microsoft Research. Peli also teaches computer science every morning in his local high school. Read the New York Times article:
web: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/people/jhalleux/
Brendan Reilly
EON Reality, Business Development Manager
Brendan Reilly is the Business Development Manager for EON Reality Western United States, all of Canada, and Director for EON Reality Sports. His focus is on expanding EON's presence in the areas of Energy, Education & Workforce Development, Aerospace, Defense, Sports, Entertainment, and Medical sectors. Brendan's professional background is rooted in sports and the business of sport having worked as a collegiate basketball coach at Illinois State University. While at Illinois State he received his Master's Degree in Sports Management. After serving as an assistant at Illinois State he went and worked in the front office with the Kansas City Royals in Major League Baseball before joining EON Reality.
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