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An open discussion on Equal Opportunity and Economic & Workforce Development.
Moderator: Dr. Paul Jimenez USC Ed Network

Kenneth F. Crawford

U.S. Small Business Administration, Lender Relation / Economic Development Specialist
On June 24, 2007, Ken assumed the responsibilities of Lender Relation Specialist for the Los Angeles District Office of the SBA. In this position Ken counsel walk-in clients, speak at various seminars, workshops and work with the Finance Division in training our network of Bankers. Ken is the Veterans Outreach Representative as well as the Faith-base Outreach Representative.

A long time resident of Inglewood Ken Graduated from George Washington High School and Los Angeles City College, attend The University of California at Los Angeles. Ken is a decorated Vietnam era veteran, started his career at SBA in 1997. Ken work at the Business Information Center (BIC) until the SBA open The One Stop Capital Shop in 2001, he work there until the program end. Upon returning to the BIC he began to outreach and market SBA programs and services to the community until it became the number one BIC in the country.

As an Economic Development Specialist Ken is the District Office Technical Representative for the Los Angeles District Office four Women Business Centers.

Gina M. Parodi de Reid
Technical Lead Engineer in Boeing Test & Evaluation's System Integration Test Lab (SITL) and Project lead for the C-17 Test & Evaluation Integrated Product Team (IPT)
Gina is both a Technical Lead Engineer in Boeing Test & Evaluation's System Integration Test Lab (SITL) and a Project lead for the C-17 Test & Evaluation Integrated Product Team (IPT).

Gina has over 16 years of Aerospace experience where the majority of her years were spent as a technician in the Space System laboratory at Honeywell Engines Systems & Services performing functional testing of components and precision cleaning in a clean room environment for the International Space Station amongst other programs. Boeing recruited Gina in 2006 as a Technical Service Specialist to refine Mylar, Catia, and Unigraphics drawings as well as to maintain the Boeing Mobility Integration Center (BMIC), a futuristic avionics view of Net-Centric Operations. The following year, Gina transitioned to the Avionics Integration Support Facility (AISF) where her expertise in Computer-Aided Design was utilized to incorporate changes to hardware drawings. In 2008, Gina was offered a permanent position as a Test & Evaluation Engineer in the C-17 Test & Evaluation (IPT). In 2011, Gina became the Technical Lead Engineer of the BT&E SITL. Gina serves interchangeable roles as the Project Lead and Lead System Engineer for projects that impact AISF.

Since 2002, Gina has been supporting the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) collegiate design series at California State University Los Angeles by speaking at events and providing guidance to students in system engineering practices, career, and leadership. Gina's most recent involvement is mentoring the university's ECO Car Control team.

Gina has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology with an emphasis in Production Management from California State University Los Angeles. Gina has obtained a certificate in Test & Evaluation from the University of Alabama, a certificate in Systems Engineering from the University of Missouri Science & Technology and is currently pursuing her Masters in Systems Engineering at the University of Missouri Science & Technology.

Gina enjoys spending time with her family and participating in outdoor activities such as snowboarding, water polo, and volleyball.
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