Highlighted Speaker BiosBoard of Trustees: Steve Veres, President (Seat No. 3), Tina Park, First Vice President (Seat No. 2), Nancy Pearlman, Second Vice President (Seat No. 6), Kelly Candaele (Seat No. 4), Mona Field (Seat No. 1), Miguel Santiago (Seat No. 7), Scott J. Svonkin (Seat No. 5), Daniel Campos, Student Trustee
This workshop covers Career Technical Education (CTE), as it pertains to workforce development and ensuring that CTE Programs/curriculum address industry needs. The presentation will also address the importance of offering CTE Programs to better position the institution for the receipt of grants.
Moderator: Dr. Saliha Sha

Steve Samuelian

California Consulting, LLC, Owner
California Consulting, LLC Owner Steve Samuelian has held various leadership posts during a career spanning over 25 years. He began as a volunteer for a political campaign and founded a political foundation where he served as president in high school and college. Steve graduated from California State Polytechnic University at Pomona with a degree in Political Science. In January 1995, he was appointed as Field Director for U.S. Congressman George Radonovich. He was later promoted to District Director overseeing the 19th Congressional District Office staff and District operations for the Congressman, where he served in this capacity for 8 years.

A tireless worker for Armenian-American issues nationwide, Steve has traveled twice to Armenia. He traveled as an international election observer as part of the Office Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) delegation to observe the adoption of Armenia’s first Constitution. His election observation report was later filed in the US Congress Congressional Record.

In 2002, Steve was elected to the California State Assembly representing the 29th Assembly District. He was appointed to the Assembly Appropriations Committee by the Speaker and served as the Vice-Chairman of the Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee.

Steve Samuelian founded California Consulting, LLC in 2004. California Consulting quickly established a reputation for hard work and a commitment to success for its clients. Through that special hard work ethic, California Consulting, LLC is the largest grant writing company in California. With over 75 clients statewide California Consulting, LLC has secured over $117,000,000 for its clients through Federal, State and foundation grant funds.

Steve has been the keynote speaker, a panelist and has participated in many forums, conferences and events throughout California. He has been interviewed by local, State and National Television, Radio and Newspaper outlets on a variety of issues related to local government and education.

Steve is happily married with two children and resides in Southern California.

Dr. Chito Cajayon

Los Angeles Community College District, Vice Chancellor, Economic & Workforce Development Department
Dr. Chito Cajayon is the Vice Chancellor of the Los Angeles Community College District's (LACCD) Economic & Workforce Development Department. He brings close to 20 years of workforce and economic development experience to the district, which he applies on a daily basis to develop local, regional, and statewide initiatives. Dr. Cajayon holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Cal State University-Long Beach, a Certification in website development, a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Cal State University-Dominguez Hills, and a Doctorate of Education from the University of Southern California.
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