Board of Trustees: Steve Veres, President (Seat No. 3), Tina Park, First Vice President (Seat No. 2), Nancy Pearlman, Second Vice President (Seat No. 6), Kelly Candaele (Seat No. 4), Mona Field (Seat No. 1), Miguel Santiago (Seat No. 7), Scott J. Svonkin (Seat No. 5), Daniel Campos, Student Trustee
The NexTrendinLA Conference is orchestrated by an array of educational, employment & training, economic development, and community-based entities. It is hosted by the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) along with a variety of partners throughout the region. The conference focuses on the emerging and expanding sectors of the information technology industry and highlights the trends relative to mobile applications and cloud-based service platforms. The NexTrendinLA Conference format is designed to bring the community college system closer to business and industry. Along with the continuum of education, it hopes to build and strengthen working relationships at the local level while broadening awareness on a major economic engine for the state and the entire nation. This conference sets the foundation for the following:

  • Creating and delivering mobile application, virtual reality, and other innovative technology education and training

  • Sharing information on industry trends

  • Offering a platform for creative sharing of ideas

  • Providing business opportunities for the small business owner and entrepreneur

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